Traditional medicine has long held the belief that health is defined merely by the absence of disease. Not only is this definition antiquated, it automatically dismisses the millions of people who just don’t feel like they used to, look like they used to, or function like they used to.

If you fall into that rather large group, Optimal Health Medical Group hears you. Rather than sit back and accept your condition, you want to take charge of things and do something about it because you’re tired of hearing the usual platitudes from some conventional doctors about how you need to slow down, watch your cholesterol, and just get a good night’s sleep.

OHMG exists for people like you. We use in-depth genetic testing and laboratory analysis of hormone levels, macronutrient and micronutrient levels, and vitamin and antioxidant levels, along with the most advanced findings from the fields of endocrinology, pharmacology, and life extension to further the definition of health so that it means functioning at optimal capacity, whether you’re male or female, young or old.

We understand that our clients live above-average lives and they want above-average health. We make that possible through strategies like testosterone replacement, growth hormone stimulation, stress hormone manipulation, nutritional therapies, and progressive weight loss strategies.

We’re able to do all that because OHMG doctors practice a concierge style of medicine. As such, we’re not beholden to insurance companies and therefore not subject to the limitations of conventional health care. That allows us to pursue the future of medicine without being constrained by outdated science or a lack of imagination.

Let us help you look good, feel good, and play harder.