Diet & Nutrition Counseling

Diet-Nutrition-CounselingWhether you want to lose fat, gain lean tissue (muscle), or eat better in general so you can live a longer, more energetic life, OHMG can help you.

If you’re overweight, your problem might be related to high blood sugar and insulin resistance, both of which can be effectively treated with simple exercise, a sensible diet, and a safe, widely-used drug named metformin.

If your problem is appetite, we offer appetite-control therapies. If tests show that any of your macronutrient, micronutrient, vitamin, or antioxidant levels are out of kilter, we offer adjunctive nutritional therapies that will help you reach your optimal bodyweight goal or achieve optimal function.

We also provide testing to see if you might benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, growth hormone therapy, or growth-hormone stimulating therapy, each of which is associated with restoking the metabolic furnace and fat loss and tissue remodeling in general.

Furthermore, OHMG can test your genetic makeup to collect some specific clues as to what kinds of foods you personally should or shouldn’t eat, or even how you should or shouldn’t exercise, and subsequently help you find a diet or training program that best suits your individual needs.