Testosterone Replacement/Performance Enhancement

Genetic TestingUp until now, diet, nutrition, and exercise have largely been a “one size fits all” prescription.

Science made blanket recommendations about how humans should eat and work out, carefully figuring out which nutrients we should consume on a daily basis to ensure health. Calories shouldn’t exceed x, and we need this many milligrams of vitamin B6, and we should all elevate our heart rate x percent for exactly x minutes a day.

And when these blanket recommendations didn’t work for everyone, science would merely shrug its shoulders and solemnly point to statistical averages and means.

The truth is, just about everybody falls outside statistical norms in one or more areas, but thanks to the science of genetic testing, we can now — for the first time ever– make accurate recommendations about how you should eat, exercise, and work out to reach your optimal level of health and fitness.

This is yet another area where Optimal Health Medical Group (OHMG) is unique. We offer testing of over 75 genetic markers known to impact metabolism, exercise, and energy use within the body.

Our geneticist can tell you how your body processes sugar, fats, nutrients, and vitamins.  He can tell you if you’re genetically predisposed to being deficient in any number of vitamins and minerals. He can tell you if you should be eating a low fat diet or a low carb diet, and whether you respond better to endurance exercise or strength training exercise, and how likely you are to gain back weight after a diet.

He can even tell athletes whether they’d be better off lifting heavy weights for fewer reps or lighter weights for a greater number of reps.

OHMG’s genomic testing can tell you almost anything you need to know about managing your weight, increasing your mental and physical performance, maximizing your energy, preventing disease, and staving off the debilitating effects of aging.

The process is incredibly simple. All we need is a swab of your inner cheek. We’ll send the cells to one of the biggest gene testing labs in the country and when we get the report back, OHMG’s geneticist will go over the results with you.

Get rid of the guesswork involving your health. Embrace the science of genetic testing.