HCG and Testosterone

I’m sure you know that the testes produce the majority of the testosterone in the male body. They don’t, however, have free will in the matter. They’re “commanded” to produce testosterone by the brain’s pituitary gland through a chemical messenger called luteinizing hormone, or LH.

When there’s too little testosterone flowing through your blood, the pituitary sends a surge of LH to the testes to tell them to go to work and produce more testosterone.

However, when you’re undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, there’s nearly always an ample supply of testosterone in the blood, so the brain never feels the need to send that LH signal to the testicles.

The testes wait and wait, but the call to action never comes, so they get lazy and out of shape. Their production of sperm slows or even stops. Because of all this inactivity, they actually shrink a bit, but the degree of shrinkage varies from man to man.

For older men who aren’t interested in having any more children or who aren’t vane about the size of their package, it’s usually not a big deal. However, younger men might want to maintain their fertility. Likewise, they may feel self-conscious in the locker room or the bedroom if their testicles get smaller.

For the latter group, there’s an easy solution. Human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, simply tells the testicles to get back in the game:

  • HCG Maintains Testicular Size and Volume. If you’re using testosterone replacement therapy, your testicles will shrink a bit, although the amount of shrinkage varies enormously from man to man. HCG will prevent that from happening.
  • HCG Maintains Fertility. There’s no guarantee, but properly administered HCG should allow a man to remain fertile, even if he’s on HRT.
  • HCG Maintains The Testicular Status Quo. HCG should keep the testicles functioning normally during HRT so that if you decide to stop HRT, the testicles won’t miss a stride and will keep on producing healthy amounts of testosterone.
  • HCG Increases Libido. There’s evidence to suggest that approximately 25% of men on HCG will experience a further increase in libido.

The drug requires a prescription and it’s injected into subcutaneous fat or muscle tissue, much like a diabetic injects insulin.

HCG arrives at your door in a freeze-dried state and has to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic (sterile) water. (Everything you need comes in the kit.) Simply draw the prescribed amount of bacteriostatic water from the vial and inject into the freeze-dried HCG vial. Don’t shake it, though, as the molecule is fragile; merely swirl the vial around gently.

Now withdraw the prescribed amount of the mixed solution into the insulin syringe provided and inject it into the fat of your lower abdomen. Afterwards, store the remainder in the refrigerator. It’s good for 28-30 days.

Most patients use 250 iu twice a week, but the doctors at Optimal Health Medical Clinic will help you decide what dosage and injection protocol you should follow based on your needs.