OHMG is unique in its ability to use telemedicine. That means we’re able to complete initial patient consultations, write prescriptions, and conduct follow up appointments with online video conferencing.

This eliminates distance barriers and provides you with a convenient and immediate way to access medical care.

Our physicians are currently only licensed within the state of California. As such, a new patient will need to sign a waiver stating that the initial telemedicine consultation is taking place anywhere within California.

You can also get your laboratory testing done remotely through one of the over 200 LabCorp facilities in California or any of the 1600 LabCorp facilities throughout the country. [To see if there’s a LabCorp testing facility near you, call them at 1-800-845-6167 or refer to their website:]

To find out more about OHMG and telemedicine, or to schedule a physician/patient teleconference, call our office at 1-858-450-1050, email us at, or fill out our online appointment form on this page

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